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image of owner, Henry Simpson, in top of bucket truck

Henry Simpson, a Clemson University Civil Engineering graduate, possesses a diverse skill set honed through hands-on experience in industrial contracting. His journey began with a focus on concrete foundations, eventually progressing to joining a team involved in fabricating, constructing, and installing industrial equipment. After graduating, Henry was recruited by Nucor Steel to contribute to the construction of a massive billion-dollar steel mill in 2000. He played a crucial role in the facility's maintenance, overseeing construction, commissioning, and continuous improvement initiatives. Following this, he returned home to work with the maintenance team in Darlington, SC gaining invaluable insights into industrial facility operations, failures, repairs, and optimization.


Combining his extensive background with ownership of an auto mechanic shop and home construction projects, Henry has cultivated a unique and desirable skill set for industrial environments. His multifaceted expertise enables him to simplify complex challenges. Driven by a passion for building and conquering new challenges, Henry made the bold decision to leave a successful company and venture into construction. For 3 1/2 years, he worked as a project manager and estimator for a prominent Commercial and Industrial construction firm, overseeing numerous projects including the sale and management of approximately 20 Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings.


Now leading his own company, SCGC, Henry has rapidly completed a wide array of industrial projects across multiple facilities, in addition to constructing commercial buildings, renovating entire homes, and undertaking smaller residential endeavors. Should a particular task require additional resources, he possesses a network of trusted contacts to ensure its successful completion. You are encouraged to reach out directly to Henry through the company's contact number, available for calls or text messages, to discuss your construction needs.

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